As a working mother of three, I know the challenges that women face in making their own health a priority. My goal is to help other women realize that they are not alone in their struggles and that every problem can be overcome with the right mindset. In my book, I outline my simple process for overcoming food fears and losing weight permanently through intermittent fasting.


Join me as I take you on my personal journey of weight gain, fad dieting, poor body image, and how rediscovering intermittent fasting and asking What IF?  changed my life.

Praise for The What IF? Diet Plan:

This book is a must-read for health and wellness – not just physical attributes, but mental as well. Alexis shares her personal journey with you and encourages you to develop your own personalized plan that works for you and your family. Her sensible, real-world perspective is warm, friendly and relatable.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It forced me to challenge my beliefs and it's wonderful how I could relate with so many things that Alexis shared... I highly recommend this book.
Through personal experience, Alexis shares her doubts and difficulties during her weight loss journey. Her book is very encouraging, helpful, and witty without overdoing it. She also provides you with evidence-based information without overwhelming you.
WOW! A lot of what the author wrote resonated with me as I have been struggling with weight & food issues for years. Like her, I’ve also searched for anything that would or could help. Alexis brings out a lot of the issues that overweight people deal with during their struggles with weight and makes you feel that you are not alone.

Alexis Cano is a native of South Texas, born and raised in Edinburg, TX. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is earning her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

She is happily married to her college sweetheart and enjoys the comforts of small town living while raising their active family.

Monday Mindshift on Handling Disappointment

My family and I were scheduled to take a 4-day Disney Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico this week. 🚢⚓ In fact, we’d be docking in Cozumel on my 39th birthday! 🥳🎁🍰 This was our first cruise and Disney experience, so you can imagine my family’s excitement as the day came closer! 😆 As much as I wish I… Continue reading Monday Mindshift on Handling Disappointment

Monday Mindshift and the Halloween Hangover

If you’re anything like me, your plans for last night may have looked like this: And if you followed through with those plans, you may be suffering from a Halloween hangover this morning. ?? You know what I’m talking about… Your stomach is gurgling and churning from all the candy you ate… ??? Your head… Continue reading Monday Mindshift and the Halloween Hangover

Deciding to Break My Fast Early

I enjoy breaking my fasts in the evenings after coming home from work. I’m able to maintain steady energy and mental clarity throughout my work day, then come home, eat dinner, and relax with my family. However, there are several reasons that I may decide to break my fast early.

Why My Cravings Have Nothing to Do with Food

This week is a particularly stressful one for me. It is my first week back at work and my kids’ first week back after a two-week long winter break, AND… I’m PMS-ing. ? When I’m in PMS mode, my moderately healthy eating habits go right out the window because I’m tired and grumpy, and I… Continue reading Why My Cravings Have Nothing to Do with Food

What Happens In-Between Meals?

While procrastinating on homework, I stumbled upon an interesting article in my school’s online library. It was titled, “Meal-Insulin Cycle: A visual summary of the biochemical events between meals.”

Creating New Non-Food Related Family Memories

The weekend before Christmas, our family took a rare trip to the “big city” to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Since the pandemic hit, we’ve been spending family time outdoors and it’s rare that we take our kids with us to enclosed public spaces or restaurants. Needless to say, our kiddos were excited to… Continue reading Creating New Non-Food Related Family Memories

Do Portion Sizes Really Matter?

I’ll be completely honest. One of the reasons that I was drawn to IF is because I’ve always been a big eater and loved that I could eat one giant meal a day and still keep my weight down. But after several months of practicing IF and eating massive dinner portions, my weight loss stalled.… Continue reading Do Portion Sizes Really Matter?

Water: Is More Always Better?

I love water! The weightlessness of wading in the pool, the coolness it provides on a hot day, or the therapeutic warmth of a steamy bath. I even love the sound of water. Waterfalls, ocean waves, rainstorms…I love it all! In fact, the only thing I don’t like about water, is actually drinking it.