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What IF…?

The more I tried to ignore the science behind fasting, the more drawn to it I became. I remembered in my earlier years how good I felt when I would go all day without eating and then enjoy a fulfilling meal with family and friends. I remembered how light I felt not having a full stomach all day. I remembered how much energy I had from drinking coffee during the day, and not having to worry about what or when I would eat breakfast or lunch. I remembered how freeing it was not worrying about food or feeling hungry all the time. I remembered how effortless it was to keep my weight down without even trying. But, I also remembered how guilty I felt that I had “neglected” my body and health by skipping meals.

What if I hadn’t wrecked my body in my younger years by skipping meals like I thought? What if eating small meals throughout the day was actually making it harder not to overeat and maintain a healthy weight? What if fasting could actually help me lose the extra weight I’d gained after having kids? What if fasting could be part of a busy, healthy lifestyle…even for a mother of three kids?

Then it hit me: this would be my What IF Diet Plan. And if it worked, it might actually be the last diet plan I’d ever need. So I decided to start the What IF Diet Plan to see if it could work for me. However, I agreed that I would only stay on this What IF Diet Plan under three conditions:

  1. It could not interfere with my family, work, or social life.
  2. It had to be convenient and cost effective.
  3. I would not take part in any form of exercise or physical activity that I did not enjoy.

That’s it. If at any point I found that the What IF Diet Plan did not meet one of these three conditions, I would end it and move on. Thus, my pursuit for the What IF Diet Plan began.